How do you currently view your body, your mind, your habits, and your health?
Do you feel there are blocks to your living the life you want to now?
Considering a new approach?
Tried different treatments ... still looking for 'real change'?
Do health challenges limit your daily activities?

If you’ve answered ‘Yes’ to any of these…

Isn’t it about time you made time for YOU?

Welcome to a New Experience

Body Balanced Massage and Remedial Therapy Clinic

Where every bit of information and consultation you receive, will provide you with the:

Opportunity for real and lasting change
Information to help you make informed and logical decisions about your health


Massage Therapy: the art of treating the body to stimulate circulation, increase suppleness and relieve tension to enhance a person’s health and well-being.


This is your time …..

Relax, breathe out, reconnect

Restore your structure and peace of mind



Not sure what type of treatment would be most effective and give you the best results?

We’re here to help you. Each consultation is tailored individually to suit you, to help bring your body back into balance

… emotionally and physically

 Remedial Massage:  the assessment and treatment of dysfunction, supported by a treatment plan and documented treatment notes.”

 Structural Alignment:  helping to align the entire body’s structure and optimising how it functions and works together

 Reflexology:  pressure point massage to relax the body and restore the flow of energy throughout

 Bodywork:  work on the body with the aim towards health and wellbeing



The Team

  • Linda Charlson Structural Therapies + Wellness Practitioner

    Body Balanced

    Diploma Remedial Massage
    Reiki master
    ATMS accredited member


  • "I have tried many other therapies and treatments, but find Linda’s techniques to be the most beneficial and compatible with not only my body, but also my mind and soul. Her technique is deep enough to be therapeutic, and gentle enough to be relaxing."

    Michelle, North Coast Current client, 10 years
  • "My daughters (7 and 5) have been receiving massage from Linda since newborns which has allowed me to encourage them to respect their bodies and maintain overall wellness. They actually ask me to book them in for a massage with Linda which tells me they too are listening to what their body needs"

    Michelle, North Coast Current clients, 7 & 5 years
  • "Physical health is mandatory in my career field. Linda’s intuitive style has unlocked blockages structurally and emotionally, that restricted my movement and health. I am now in tune with my body, have regular maintenance treatments and feel more confident and at ease in my body."

    Michael Dummigan, North Coast Current client, 4 years
  • "Apart from being instrumental in correcting spinal scoliosis, I am grateful for Linda’s expertise as a facilitator, personally and in group work. She challenges you to realise your full potential in all areas of your life. Results count. If you are looking to make real change in a supportive environment, treat yourself to time with Linda."

    Wendy Woods, North Coast Current client, 6 years
  • "Linda is a woman of great integrity, honesty and wisdom. She has tremendous skill in teaching others, great patience with our endless questions and supportive guidance for us through our concerns. Whether its tuition, meditation classes or massage ... thank you Linda"

    Jacqui & Glen Barnett, Coffs Harbour
  • "After many years of Cancer treatments, Linda was instrumental in my path back to recovery physically and emotionally. Having my body able to function again was a blessing. Linda also taught me self care techniques to help me build back a healthy system and organ function. More than just a Therapist, Linda’s expertise, nurturing care and close bond is treasured."

    Barbara Crockett
  • "My 3 children have received exceptional results and care under Linda expertise. My 2 daughters are dancers. With Linda’s high level of knowledge, care and advice, their risk of further injuries has reduced. My son has cerebral palsy and found massage intolerable, until we visited Linda. Immediately Linda relieved his tense muscles and created better posture. He felt the tension just drain away. My children love Linda."

    Shari Raymond